Chantal Gibbs-Jones


Current News:


v Chantal will be taking part in Alternative Fashion week 2012 in April with her new winter collection 'Twilight in the feathered woods' as Lilly Beare.


v Chantal took part in a photoshoot with her new winter collection 'Twilight in the feathered woods' with a number of photographers and her special models in November 2011.


v Chantal took part in a bodycon photoshoot with Charlotte Johnson of the Annexx hair salon who also featured on E4's The Great British Hairdresser.


Chantal took part in a photoshoot for Berkhamsted Living Magazine for the Annexx hair salon. She modeled and designed her own evening gowns.


Chantal featured in the December issue of the Herts Style Magazine.


Chantal is currently raising money for her next winter collection - she is selling bodycon dresses, scarves, brooches and alicebands to help fund her next collection. If you would like to help support Chantal please do not hesitate to email for more information.


Chantal is casting for new models at the Annexx on the 20th and 27th October -Wednesdays at 6.30pm


Chantal is showing her Cupcake collection at the Millennium Hotel on the 6th October.


v  Chantal is currently producing a bodycon collection that will be available to order in four sizes in 8 styles and a variety of colour/print. All proceeds will be going towards the much anticipated winter collection.


 v  Chantal went on to show at two shows hosted by La GenèveNorth at the Valmont Club on the 20th May and at Mo*vida on the 17th June 2010. Her cupcake collection was well received with good reviews and being the favourite of the night.


v  Chantal designed and produced a beautiful green silk prom dress for one of models in June.


v  Chantal completed  the Bluebell photoshoot in May with help from Suzanne Newman Charlotte Johnson Charlie Pearcy and Althea.



v  Chantal presented her Cupcake collection on the 6th May at the catwalk show by Berkhamsted School.



v  Chantal presented All about the Cupcake at Alternative Fashion Week 2010 on Monday 19th April 2010 she will be showcasing fourteen cupcake outfits.


v  Chantal featured in the April issue of Hertfordshire Style Magazine. The issue contains news on her new collection All About the Cupcake.


v  Chantal presented her two collections at Ashlyns School Fashion Show for Charity on 27 November 2009.


v  Chantal has  completed the All about the Cupcake photoshoot with Rory McKenna and Charlotte Johnson of the Annexx.



v  Chantal  showed at Zebra Model Expo 09 on 6 November 2009.



v  Chantal is currently working on a new collection called All about the Cupcake which will be a ready-to-wear collection which contrasts to her last Haute Couture Collection.



v  Chantal showed her collection at the Fashion Fantasies Charity fashion show on the 2nd June at SeOne in London Bridge.



v  Chantal is also currently making prom dresses for girls from Berkhamsted after making one last year.


v  Chantal will be collaborating with Charlotte Johnson of The Annexx on an upcoming photoshoot of her collection La Divinia Amazonia.


v  On the 20th April Chantal showed her collection at Alternative Fashion Week in London.


v  On the 8th April 2009 an article on Chantal was published in the Gazette Newspaper.


v  Chantal was selected for Alternative Fashion week in December 2008 and showed on the 20th April 2009.



v  Chantal graduated with a BA Hons in Fashion on the 10th July 2008.



v  On the 20th June 2008 the Northampton Chronicle featured a double page spread of Chantal's work with the caption The Best at Uni. Chantal was the only graduate to have her collection featured in the newspaper two days in a row with a mention.



v  On the 19th June 2008 Chantal's collection made the front page in the Northampton Chronicle with an interview written about her in side.


v  Chantal showed her first collection at the Univeristy of Northampton on the 18th June 2008.